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ECLIPSE 2024 iOS APP - Help & Support

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Countdown timer for 2024 Eclipse accurate for your location if you located in the path of the total eclipse

Timer for total eclipse based on your position (GPS coordinates).

Grant the Eclipse 2024 app permission to access your location. This information is only used to find the local circumstances of the Eclipse at your location. If you don't allow the app permission to access your location, it will still work with limited functionality, but will not be able to display the local circumstances of the eclipse at your local location

 On the map, pan and zoom to the annotation named "My Location" and click on it. Or you can type in the location in the search bar.

The app will calculate the local circumstances based on your location and tell you if you are in the area where a total eclipse will occur on 8th April 2024

The blue line of centrality on the map shows where the center of the total eclpse will pass. You would want to be as close to the blue line as possible to maximize the total eclipse duration.

Clicking on any marker shows the start and end of the total eclipse on 8th Apr 2024. You can also type in the location in the search bar.

For example, here the user clicked on Mazatlan, Mexico and it shows the start and stop of the total eclipse in local time. You can zoom in and click on any of the markers which are placed near the blue line of centrality and see the duration of the eclpse at that location.

It will also show a countdown timer to how much time is left for the total eclipse to start at that location. 

There is also a link at the bottom which you can use to book your travel / stay etc to that particular location

Know exactly when the total eclipse ends at your location once it has started.